Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guayabero: a new brand of wine to excite the senses

The new brand of wine El Guayabero, named after a Cuban folk singer known for his humorous songs, will exceed other wines capacity to unleash the tongue, as it enriches the bouquet with a special double sense to make drinkers blush or generate excitement.

Beyond its quality, which many local sommeliers ponder, this wine had its success guaranteed when it was named after the famous folksinger whose double sense compositions and serious face made people hilarious.

Faustino Oramas(El Guayabero) was considered the King of doublé sense and for many fans to perpetúate his legacy in a red, sweet wine, is to do him a magnificent and just homage.

To remember him and please the palate at the same time, this new wine was born after his demise at 95 years of age, when considered a national symbol, loved by his people. This calls for a toast.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Humpback Whale Seen in the Coastal Town of Gibara

A humpback whale about 11 meters long and about 15 tons was spotted Tuesday by sport fishermen in the coastal town of Gibara, in Holguin.

Identified of similar proportions as one captured in coastal waters of Gibara 30 years ago, the cetacean was seen by Carlos Merino and Juan Tejeda in the area around the inlet of “La Canoa”. This inlet is located between Punta Rasa and Goleta, so the whale came to a relatively short distance from the coastline in the Atlantic waters.

The whale emerged about 40 meters from his small boat that seemed to be a huge vacuum, and observed that water vapor expelled from a hole in his head, said the two sport fishermen, then the huge mammal submerged in the ocean waters without paying any attention to the amazing fishermen.

The humpback is one of the 78 species of whales reported worldwide, which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. Many of these animals often make long migrations during the colder months to warm areas, which includes the north region of Cuba and hence this humpback ride along the coast of Gibara. The finback or blue whale is among the biggest whales which can measure up to 30.5 meters long and weigh about 200 tons.