Thursday, December 12, 2013

English Version of Fresa y Chocolate at Off Broadway Theater in New York

An adaptation of the award-winning Cuban film Fresa y chocolate has reached the Off Broadway theater in New York, on his debut in English, starred by Dominican actor Roy Arias, who for two years cherished the idea of representing the story. "I really liked the theme of intolerance (the script ) and the character of the protagonist is spectacular ," said Arias, who founded the International Theatre Studio in Times Square and opened theater 77 a year ago, where he presents his works. The Dominican actor, who plays Diego in this part (Strawberry and Chocolate), said to be pleased that the public has reacted " super good" to the work, which also perform Andhy Mendez and Frank Huerta. Eugenio Nunez, adapted the story into English for theater in New York, where it will be presented Friday and Saturday until late December at the Theatre 777 in the popular area of Times Square, under the direction of Roger Robinson, Tony Award winner and with 47 years of experience in New York's cultural activities. / With information from Lecturas Cibercuba

Cuban Interests Section in Washington Reestablishes Consular Services up to February 17

The Cuban Interests Section in Washington announced the reestablishment of consular services until February 17th. According to Granma newspaper, on December 6th, the M and T Bank informed the Interests Section its decision to extend until March 1, 2014 the deadline of the definitive closing of the banking account of the Cuban office, explaining that the bank will process deposits until February 17, 2014. The Cuban Interests Section continues to look for a new bank to definitively normalize its consular services. The office has expressed its regret for any inconveniences brought about by the suspension of consular services on November 26, 2013 either for both Cuban and US citizens.