Friday, January 28, 2011

Jose Martí, his legacy continues

Today, january 28th , the people of Cuba is conmemorating the 158th anniversary of one of its most illustrious sons: José Martí, the national independence hero whose patriotic, anti-imperialist and revolutionary thoughts represent the essence of the Cuban Revolution and goes beyond geographic boundaries.

During his short life, José Martí (January 28, 1853–May 19, 1895) became a leader of the Cuban struggle for independence and an important figure in Latin American literature. He was a poet, an essayist, a journalist, a revolutionary philosopher, a translator, a professor, a publisher, and a political theorist.

Through his writings and political activity, he became a symbol for Cuba's bid for independence against Spain in the 19th century, and is referred to as the "Apostle of Cuban Independence." He also fought against the threat of United States expansionism into Cuba. From adolescence, he dedicated his life to the promotion of liberty, political independence for Cuba and intellectual independence for all Spanish Americans.

He was a key figure in the planning and execution of the Cuban War of Independence against Spain, as well as the designer of the Cuban Revolutionary Party and its ideology. He died in military action on May 19, 1895.

Martí is considered one of the great turn-of-the-century Latin American intellectuals. His written works consist of a series of poems, essays, letters, lectures, a novel, and even a children's magazine. He wrote for numerous Latin American and American newspapers; he also founded a number of newspapers himself.

In a speech given by Fidel Castro in l976 commemorating the l953 attack on the Moncada Barricks, the leader of the Cuban revolution expressed:

"We infinitely admire Jose Marti for his huge task of forming a revolutionary consciousness in our people. We admire Marti because he was a brilliant intellectual, an extraordinarily cultured man, an exquisitely sensitive poet, a man who consecrated his talent to the revolutionary struggle, who consecrated his life and his pen to that struggle. He was a man of word and action. We will forever thank him for what he signifies and symbolizes".

His revolutionary energy came from love and love fills the work of the Revolution that for all these years has lifted its voice to defend the rights of the poor of the earth.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Symposium on Cardiovascular Research to be held in Holguin

The Third International Symposium on Cardiovascular research and the Second Cuba-Canada Heart Meeting will be held from January 15 to January 22 in Holguin, with the participation of 130 delegates that will meet in Hotel Playa Pesquero, in the municipality of Rafael Freyre.

The event is sponsored by the Cardiovascular Sciences Institute of Winnipeg, Canada; the general university hospital Vladimir Ilich Lenin and the Cuban Cardiology Society, and aims at promoting the debate and the updating of topics related to health and heart diseases.

As it has been since its first edition, in 2007, the meeting will link people of the specialty who are worldwide prominent, such as PhD Naranjan S. Dhalla and PhD Pawan K. Singal, Dr. Grant N. Pierce, Dr. Peter Light and Dr. Andrew Morris, from Canada.

The host country will have professors Lorenzo Llerena Rojas, president of the Cuban Cardiology Society, Raul Dueñas Fernandez, Alvaro Lagomasino, Hector del Cueto and juan Prohias, among others.

According to the scientific program for January 16 and January 18, there are supposed to be pre-symposium courses with the presentation of the topics: protocol implants of screening in Intensive Care Units, Bioengineering of coronary stents in cardiovascular diseases and Better biomarkers for cardiac and pulmonary diseases, of Canadian Doctors Rakesh Arora, Michel Kutryk and Scott Tebutt, respectively.

The sessions will open Wednesday with a lecture, which will be followed by the competition of eight young researchers, who will pursue a first prize and a mention, to be delivered in the contest. In following days, about 30 studies of Cuban and Canadian authors will be debated.

PhD Delfin Rodriguez Leyva, co-president of the event, recognized the importance of the meeting for the promotion of cardiovascular research and the possibility of exchanging with authorities of cardiology, such as Dhalla, Director of the Cardiovascular Science International Academy in Winnipeg, Canada, who is considered the world leader of heart research.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Holguin Culture Fiesta Begins

The 29th Holguin Culture fiesta will be held in this city from January 14 to 18 .
This year"s event will be dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the academy of fine arts ALBA and the Cuban intellectuals: professor Maria Dolores Ortiz and historian Angela Peña Obregón.

Among the main proposals are the traditional theoretical event dedicated to the study of the Wars of Independence, with the participation of renowned scholars from around the country.
It will also provide an space to grant the awards of the City to acknowledge the work of historians, writers, architects, filmmakers, musicians and performing companies from the territory.

This involves broad cultural movement activities in all places and communities in the municipality that includes poetry readings, concerts by major local groups, lectures, exhibit openings and theatrical releases.

The event, which began in 1992, commemorates the granting of the title of City to Holguin and Tenure of Office, on January 18, 1752, by royal decree by King Ferdinand VI of Spain.

With that decision he recognized the commercial prosperity and social development in this town, founded in 1545 by Captain García Holguín, when he received a parcel of land in the area and built the first houses.

As usual, the new anniversary will be marked with a great concert of the century-old orchestra Hermanos Aviles and a cultural gala with the participation of local artists.

The program of the event coincides with a concert by the Cuban group Buena Fe, as part of a national tour promoting its new album made in homage to José Martí.