Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Symposium on Cardiovascular Research to be held in Holguin

The Third International Symposium on Cardiovascular research and the Second Cuba-Canada Heart Meeting will be held from January 15 to January 22 in Holguin, with the participation of 130 delegates that will meet in Hotel Playa Pesquero, in the municipality of Rafael Freyre.

The event is sponsored by the Cardiovascular Sciences Institute of Winnipeg, Canada; the general university hospital Vladimir Ilich Lenin and the Cuban Cardiology Society, and aims at promoting the debate and the updating of topics related to health and heart diseases.

As it has been since its first edition, in 2007, the meeting will link people of the specialty who are worldwide prominent, such as PhD Naranjan S. Dhalla and PhD Pawan K. Singal, Dr. Grant N. Pierce, Dr. Peter Light and Dr. Andrew Morris, from Canada.

The host country will have professors Lorenzo Llerena Rojas, president of the Cuban Cardiology Society, Raul Dueñas Fernandez, Alvaro Lagomasino, Hector del Cueto and juan Prohias, among others.

According to the scientific program for January 16 and January 18, there are supposed to be pre-symposium courses with the presentation of the topics: protocol implants of screening in Intensive Care Units, Bioengineering of coronary stents in cardiovascular diseases and Better biomarkers for cardiac and pulmonary diseases, of Canadian Doctors Rakesh Arora, Michel Kutryk and Scott Tebutt, respectively.

The sessions will open Wednesday with a lecture, which will be followed by the competition of eight young researchers, who will pursue a first prize and a mention, to be delivered in the contest. In following days, about 30 studies of Cuban and Canadian authors will be debated.

PhD Delfin Rodriguez Leyva, co-president of the event, recognized the importance of the meeting for the promotion of cardiovascular research and the possibility of exchanging with authorities of cardiology, such as Dhalla, Director of the Cardiovascular Science International Academy in Winnipeg, Canada, who is considered the world leader of heart research.

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