Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The historical Biran

If you come to Holguin you can visit Fidel Castro birthplace and learn about his extraordinary life.

Biran is a historical place located in this eastern province, founded by Angel Castro Argis, father of the Cuban leader of the Revolution. Castro Argis built 27 houses and facilities forming the Biran Castro Batey.

You can enjoy the scenic community which, along with its buildings, has also protected the natural environment. Eleven of the original wooden buildings constructed by Castro Argis remain well maintained today, the majority painted yellow with red zinc roofs. Members of the Castro Ruz family, along with other residents, often share interesting local anecdotes with visitors.

There´s a two-story house where President Fidel Castro grew up and where his parents Angel Castro Argis and Lina Ruz Gonzalez resided until their deaths.

Among the buildings is the Rural School #15, which was brought to Biran by Angel Castro and served as school for his children and the rest of the community’s children.

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