Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Iberoamerican Fiesta in the City of the Parks

Held every year in Holguín, the Ibero-American Culture Festival is a cultural event meant to render homage to the encounter of the old and the new world. In Cuba, such encounter took place with the arrival of the admiral Christopher Columbus to Bariay Bay, in Holguín Province, on October 27th, 1942.

The festival, which has contributed to the development of culture in this Cuban province, gathers intellectuals, artists and people from our country and all Iberoamerica who are interested in maintaining an enriched cultural dialog within this space of art and reflection.

This year’s festival will include cultural events dedicated to the audiovisual; the Ibero-American Symposium on Arts, wuth the presentation of the project “Leer America” from Casa de las Americas; exhibitions and an attractive popular party that beautifies its venue, the Ciudad de los Parques (City of Parks)..

The Ibero-American Conference on Thinking, which will has two forums: “Ameroiberia, Utopia or Reality?” and “50 years of Cuban Revolution” are also programmed for the festival.

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