Friday, April 30, 2010

May 1st: A day of revolutionary reaffirmation

Cuban workers and their families will attend this May 1st parade across the different squares of the country, under the slogan "United in the duty”. In this commemoration, people will express their full support to the Cuban Revolution.

The Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) recently issued a call urging the people to participate in the national May 1st celebrations in response to an ongoing anti-Cuba media campaign by the United States and its European allies.

“In the face of this smear campaign, all Cuban workers —who have never yielded and will never accept blackmail— will ratify our support of the Revolution with the same strength of our five compatriots who remain unjustly imprisoned in US jails, and whose freedom we will demand once again,” the text reads.

Like it or not the Empire, the assistance to this call for the homeland is an act of reaffirmation to Socialism, as the Cuban people did last Sunday during municipal elections carried out across the island, in which the majority of government representatives in the communities were elected in the first round.

But the enemies of the Cuban Revolution tries to disguise this undeniable truth, as part of the media war against Cuba, arguing that people attends the call issued by the CTC as mandatory.

Several comments in the media network echo these messages, repeated with the intention of planting the idea that popular support for the Cuban Revolution is fictitious, and that it arises from constraint and threats.

The truth is not object of concern to the enemies of the Cuban Revolution in handling the news. The technique of persuasion is one of the elements used by the U.S. government for 50 years, trying to defeat the resistance of Cuban people, hence the repeated use of lies in their propaganda, with the combination of repeating key words, set phrases and basic arguments, to penetrate the minds of recipients.

The war of thought against Cuba is well orchestrated, and that persuasion is achieved by the principles of psychology and social conductive psychology. It is a well-designed psychological work to influence gradually in the minds of people.