Thursday, July 29, 2010

A new recreational complex in Holguin

A dream came true in the city of the parks with the opening of the recreation complex “Plaza 4 de Abril” for the enjoyment of people from the territory.

It was designed with open spaces, bright colours their exteriors and conservation of vegetation. The value of the investment was at about one million 230 thousand pesos and the implementation took more than 85 people daily. In addition, 52 homes in the vicinity were included in the resuscitation and alternatives to reduce costs while ensuring the sequence had to be found.

The plaza is also endowed with the technical devices to welcome the most diverse artistic and cultural projects, and to give the place one more touch a huge pigeon loft raises at the complex’s entrance.
The planners also built paths for physically impaired people, who along with all visitors can go to the place to ask for Cuban food. The Plaza has a Creole restaurant, named 465 in honour of the founding of the Hato San Isidoro de Holguin, and three smaller recreational spaces. It also has an amphitheatre and the complex “the Petals where people can also find ice cream, pizza, deli, candy, soft drinks and juices.

"The equipment of the restaurant and 'The Petals' was purchased at $ 14,000. The most novel is the existence of a 'hot desk', a device that keeps the temperature of food, without being overheated, "said Osvaldo Santos, manager of the unit.