Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nuclear war: a total holocaust

Although war is a term closely related to the history of mankind, no one can ever get used to it.

For some people, and unfortunately there are still many, war is the continuation of politics by other means. Why conflicts between countries or organized armed groups can not be solved by peaceful means?

The world has witnessed several holocausts. However, the one that could break out into a nuclear conflict, of which the Cuban leader Fidel Castro has been warning about, would become the last of the millennium for our species.

Fidel said he is trying to create an international force of persuasion to prevent the threat of war from being fulfilled, in reference to an American and Israeli attack against Iran, which would immediately turn into a global conflict that would escape the control of the warring countries.

We are not dealing with the fact that the weapons of many nations amount to no less than 20 000 nuclear artifacts capable of destroying our planet several times. Today the destructive power of the nuclear stocks is equivalent to more than 440 000 times the power of those used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The mistake lies in that there are very powerful individuals who imagine that they will be able to get rid of their opponents through such action and remain unhurt in order to "totally enjoy" the alleged victory, and I am speaking about capitalism.

War would bring fatal consequences to all people and countries of the world, or do they really believe that they will not suffer the consequences of war? They will also be sure targets.

This is without thinking that if they survive such a deadly explosion, the planet will turn into a cloud of dust, high temperatures and unbearable radiation, where no means of life will be possible.

It is necessary to stop this disturbed group, because then the true, real and regrettable end to the story will finally arrive.

The problem of the world peoples, billions of people, it to prevent the tragedy of a nuclear war, therefore, and given the seriousness of the perspectives facing humanity today, we must act with urgency.

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