Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Cuba, the people is the one who decides

Today, the first of December, party organizations begin the debates on the Draft Guidelines for the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, a process that will include, until February 28, all the labor unions and communities across the country.

What does this debate means?

It means people's participation in the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party to be held in April, 2011, and the possibility that each citizen expresses a view, without restrictions, even if they are not agreed.

Nobody should be left with an opinion to express, much less to be prevented from expressing it. The party demands the maximum of transparency to all organizations, a greater clarity in the analysis, clarifying all the doubts and concerns we have at the very heart of the Revolution.

To participate in the country's destiny is the right of every Cuban, and is also the lightest exercise of socialist democracy and the clearest expression of clarity of the Revolution and its unity with the people.

And it must be the people, because what is at stake is the future of the Cuban nation, which we only guarantee by preserving and developing the social system that we have built from those epic days in the Bay of Pigs, and that we ratified in the Constitution of the Republic, proclaiming that socialism and the political and social system included in it, are final.

On November 8, at the ceremony commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Cooperation Agreement between Cuba and Venezuela, while announcing the Sixth Congress, comrade Raul expressed: "Congress is not only the meeting of those who are elected as delegates, but also the prior process of debates by the membership and the entire population of the guidelines or decisions to be adopted in it. That's why the 6th Congress will be of the entire membership and all the people who actively participate in making key decisions of the Revolution. "

The debate started is the quintessence of the beginning of our Revolution: the people is the one who decides.

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