Thursday, September 1, 2011

Natural Areas Protected in Holguin

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment has declared 16 natural areas protected in the eastern province of Holguin, for their high values in terms of flora and fauna.

Pico Cristal national park in the municipalities of Sagua de Tanamo and Frank País, and La Mensura-piloto, located in Mayari-Cueto, stand out among the protected areas.

Also included is the “Cerro Galano” Nature Reserve, on the border of the municipality of Rafael Freyre and Báguano as well as the Caletones Ecological Reserve in Gibara.

Other important areas are “Los refugios de fauna” of the Mayari River Delta, the Cananova and Tanamo Bays in Frank País, and “Las balsas” in Gibara.

The province also has areas with managed floral reserves in Punta Lucrecia; Cabo de Mulas, in Banes; Dos Rios, in Holguín; Ceja de Melones, in Rafael Freyre, Cerro Miraflores, in Moa and the El Ramon Peninsula, in the municipality of Antilla.

Naranjo Bay and and the Cerros Carsicos of Maniabón in Rafael Freyre are preserved as natural landscape, while work is in progress on the proposed protected landscape in the area adjacent to the natural bridge over the Bitírí river in Cueto, recently declared a National Monument.

These areas are home to significant biodiversity resources, including the Polymita, the most beautiful land snails on earth, birds like the nightingale and the Colilargo hawk, the Almiquí and also many endemic plants.

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