Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cuba Denounces US Denial to Reveal Facts About Cubana Plane Attack

The U.S. Government's denial to release information, compiled by the CIA, related to those responsible for the terrorist attack to a Cubana Airlines plane in October 1976, was denounced by Cuba's Granma newspaper on Tuesday.

Cubans in Nicaragua Claim Justice for Barbados Crime "Why did the United States tell Venezuela they did not have any information on the October 6, 1976 events that could be used during the trial against the masterminds of the attack?", underlined Granma's article after presenting extracts of reports of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The article, entitled "What did George Bush know about the Cubana Plane attack in October 1976?", reproduces extracts of a more comprehensive article published in May 2006.

During a hearing at the U.S Senate in September 1988, 12 years after the 73 occupants of the Cubana plane died, Democrat Senator representing Iowa, Tom Harkin, asked the then vice president about his investigations on the participation of Posada Carriles in the attack.

A CIA document, dated in June 1976 (two months before the terrorist attack), proves that the organization had information on the plans of Orlando Bosh of destroying a Cuban aircraft.

Another secret CIA document, dated in October 13, 1976, and addressed to the FBI Intelligence Department included other clues related to persons involved in the October 6 events.


. Venezuelan Journalist Denounces Prevailing Impunity in Barbados Bombing

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