Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mayari, natural treasure of Holguin

The municipality of Mayarí is located in the mountainous region of Holguin. This place was blessed by nature with mountains of pine, el Salto del Guayabo, the natural bridge Bitirí, forest reserves and the paradisiacal Cayo Saetia, among others of great attraction for Cubans and foreign visitors.

Here we find all supporting key areas of the economy and natural resources indigenous to Cuba. Nickel, sugar cane, forestry, fisheries, tourism, power generation, coffee, an increased food production, among others, all combined in total harmony.

As this region has the largest water reservoir in Cuba, a project so-called the "century engineering work" is under construction here: the East-West water transfer that will benefit several eastern Cuban territories.

It also has the Pico Cristal National Park, distinguished by its flora and fauna, which was declared as a protected area in 1930.

The park treasures historical values as it served as a refuge for slaves and sheltered guerrilla troops during the revolutionary process carried out in Cuba.

This region has two rainy periods and a plant coverage consisting in Pinus cubensis of high endemism, with 325 species identified and about 50 unique to the region.

In its fauna, comprising 491 species, highlights the almiquí, which is under a protection program in Cuba.

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