Thursday, September 27, 2012

From lunch to strike

Someday we might know about the delicious lunch menu provided by the current head of the U.S. Interests Section of the United States in Havana to Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello and another companion of the new group of mercenaries who were kindly invited by the U.S. diplomat, but what we will never know are the instructions they received there. An annexationist old woman and a young mercenary obedient attended to the call made by John Patrick Caufield and five days later came to us the news of the alleged hunger strike of Martha Beatriz through a report released by El Nuevo Herald, in Miami, and several cibermercenarios employees at the Interests Section in Havana, who tried to internationalize, manipulate and distort the news. The anxiety of SINA to put down things in Cuba, the terrorist enthusiasm of the Cuban Democratic Directorate of Florida, causing disturbances in churches, street riots and selective bombs, found fertile ground in the financial appetite of this mercenary old woman attached to the U.S. Interests Section, which in her sporadic appearances as a consultant, distributor or photographer of the "Ladies in White", did not hide her concern over the loss of media visibility and prominence, knowing that the USIS -as Wikileaks revelations- had discarded her generation, and argued for younger faces, apparently cheaper. Every day, the organizer of events, marches and media shows, encouraged by the contributions of U.S. government officials, is receiving litlle and little money for counterrevolution. The instructions, bids and plans discussed on September 5, came to light in a few hours. But besides trying to reconcile Martha Beatriz with her young opponent... what else SINA was proposed that encounter? Was Martha Beatriz in real strike? Let her die was part of the plan? Was it agreed the U.S. government and the Miami terrorists, or is it pure coincidence? What were the first and second secretaries of the USIS doing in the house of the "striker": inspecting, encouraging, supervising, financing, supplying ...? Will AI know that a U.S. diplomat hosted a preparatory lunch for strike? What led the diplomats and what they send to other allied countries? Do food odors escaping through the windows of the house of Martha Beatriz ... will be for visitors or to the strikers? These days it came to my mind these words of Martha Beatriz regarding her competitor "Coco Fariñas": "if he is going to die, then he die." Like her, think also who ordered lunch to strike. The high level of agreement between American diplomats and allies, mercenaries, foreign press, subversive radio, anti-Cuban Congress, treasurers and the Miami's mafia, is revealing of the farce, after several macabre experiments of sacrifices of employees. The Caufleld strategy was applauded and congratulated by notorious senators and fascist representatives as Marco Rubio, Mario Diaz Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. The stormy times of election campaign in the United States and anti-Cuban activities planned, lend themselves to all kinds of actions. Some details remain to be defined. Who will pay Martha Beatriz for the show: USIS directly, the "Cuban Democratic Directorate" or the National Foundation. Cuban, their congressmen or USAID? How much would thry pay in total? How much does it cost an hour at "strike"? The media origin of "strike" without hunger was "the end of repression" against funded counterrevolutionary provocations stimulated and sponsored by the USIS, the mafia and cibermercenarios, from the call made by Ileana Ros to President Obama to repeat in Cuba the "Libyan formula". The other pretext for strike was the demand for the release of a common inmate, sanctioned in an offense of illegal economic activity, but the mercenaries tried to manipulate and also lead to a hunger strike leaded from Havana and Miami. On September 18, while Martha Beatriz reproached the inmate's decision to abandon the strike and said to his wife "feel stabbed in the heart because she had a deal" with the inmate and he "broke this", it came from Miami a message of Ileana Ross: "I commend the peaceful pro-democracy activists in Cuba who have won a moral victory against their ruthless oppressor ..." augured further strikes, and it inmediatly organized in Havana a press conference to spread the "unexpected "outcome. A new diplomatic team have settled into the USIS, and there are subversive plot far from diminishing incentives, with actions such as the aforementioned, carried out by mercenaries based in the island and their allies. Cuba has repeatedly denounced the distorted and interventionist role of the host, and the responsibility of the U.S. government on the possible consequences of irresponsible and provocative actions as the most recent. Martha Beatriz has still been paid for her shows. Her current task is to organize the birthday of Jorge Mas Canosa, icon of terrorism and the mafia.

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