Friday, December 7, 2012

Mayan spiritual leaders officiate ancestral ceremony in Cuba

An ancient ceremony of harmonization between peoples, men and nature was held on Thursday by Guatemalan Maya spiritual leaders in Bacuranao beach, east of Havana. This is the most sacred gift to the world, in a place where they combine the energies of the river and the land with the sea, in a very special day, said one of the spirtual leaders, Rosalina Tuyuc Velasquez, who also explained that in the ancient Mayan calendar this ceremony is called Nahual Kan that is the serpent force, provider of energy-water, creation, breathing and justice, like blood in the veins of humans and this case the sacred land. Tuyuc said the upcoming December 21 Mayans await the end of the current era, after which they must receive "a new sun" to bring "new attitudes, transformations" and "harmonization" between cultures, humans and nature. On the floor they accommodated fruits, seeds, flowers and other natural products, built a fire and with one of the oldest native languages they invoked harmonizing humanity and its environment. According to the Mayan calendar, an era consists of 13 cycles and ends every 5.125 years, so that in 2012 ended the current era that began in 3118 BC.

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