Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quinque-Cocal: Rehabilitation that Nurture the Soul

The Quinque-Cocal Therapeutic community of the Health and Tourism Company, located in Holguin province, welcomes patients from different countries who receives treatment for their drug dependence. Through a highly scientific rehabilitation process, the patients improved their quality of life and spirituality while overcoming their addiction. The community consists of two villages: El Cocal, managed by Juan Manuel Lopez Torres; and El Quinqué, directed by Mario Portuondo Isaac. The two organizations have specialists with a high professional level who provide a service of excellence to patients. The staff is composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation specialists, physical education graduates and support personnel who form a close-knit team. According to Dr Pastor Aguilera, psychiatrics at villa El Cocal, sports and physical activity play an important role in the rehabilitation process, as they help to improve health and keep patients away from drugs. These activities favour the health recovery of the patients, who have said to be satisfied with the daily care provided by the medical team and service workers. "The attention is very good, I’ve been in villa El Quinqué for just one month and I have progressed a lot, I feel like at home and I'm sure I will continue to improve because the persons taking care of me do their job with love, so I will do my best to recover, " told to the local media Loryan Romero Marquina, a patient from Venezuela. Luis Rodolfo Ramirez, another patient, said "I am very happy with the care provided in villa El Cocal, I have no complaints, the medical team is really good and we are encouraged to continue toward greater recovery." Both Loryan as Luis Rodolfo speak highly of physical activity and sport, and the performance of the medical team as a whole, which ensures that the rehabilitation process carried out in the TC Cocal-Quinqué , strengthens the spirituality of patients. Confortable gyms, facilities for the practice of various sports that merge harmoniouslywith the practice of individual, group and occupational psychotherapies, constitute a whole in the health recovery of patients, the main goal of the staff of these two clinics. A strong sense of collectivism, a sound work ethics and a dedication to a work of high human values are some of the qualities that distinguish the Cocal-Quinqué Therapeutic Community. BY Jose Antonio Perez Chapman

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