Monday, September 9, 2013

La Ceiba river, a beautiful glass-like stream

La Ceiba River, which rises in the north-west slope of Sierra del Cristal, is a beautiful glass-like stream flowing out of the mountain to about 600 meters above the sea level. Its course flows through serpentinized ultrabasic rock areas with different degrees of alteration and purple ferritic soils. It flows towards the bottom of these elevations, flattened area, dissected, with embedded background valley where terraces are not observed, allowing the river running through its floodplain. The area flooded by La Ceiba river belongs to the Nipe and Cristal districts, where vegetation consists mainly of pine and evergreen forests. These forests are populated by birds like the tocororo, cartacuba, the hummingbird and reptiles, including the mountain Bayoya and lizards of the genus Anolis, among others. There is scarcity of vegetation along the river's course, resulting from the intense mining and forestry activities carried out in the area. La ceiba river, currently threatened by erosion, took its name of the once abundant ceiba trees in the middle and lower course of the river, where there are just a few trees, next to Royal Palms. With information from

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