Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Young Farm Lad with the Will of a Creator

"Tired of suffering from pain in my feet, one day, while I was preparing to help my dad to plant some grain in La Lucy farm, I got the idea of that invention, to which I can already name: agricultural implement, made from waste material,"says Carlos Rafael Heres Pérez , the son and grandson of farmers. “Farmers at the José Martí and Antonio Maceo agricultural cooperatives, in the municipality of Calixto Garcia, welcomed the initiative,” said the 22-year-old young man, whose main pastime since he was a child was creation. On many occasions he was surrounded by other children, whose astonished eyes, watched as from his hands came a small miniature bicycle or a figure carved in wood, hobbies that gradually turned him into an innovative self-taught person, with that undeniable and irreplaceable practical reason. The truth is that today they are solid criteria to substantiate the advantages of the new "equipment”. As expressed by Rafael Vega Avila, president of the José Martí farmer cooperative: " This invention replaces approximately 12 men’s work and performs several tasks, with a single movement : it plows, fertilizes, plants various types of grains, covers, earths up planting and allows seeding uniformity, both in space and depth in the seed set." So far, the economic results are important as it has contributed to saving fuel, lessening expenses for labourers. The larger number of hectares planted in a day, the seed deposited has the same moisture, a factor that greatly helps germination and saves about $ 460.00 Cuban pesos per hectare. After meeting the practical operation of this agricultural implement, which makes the work easier of the labourers, we need to think big to the possible generalization, which is usually the " Cinderella" of Science and Technology. But the same need to replace imports and untie the knots that bind the productive forces it is well worth looking for solutions like this, one of the thousands of practical innovations from our people, to make the land of this region produce. With Information from Radio Juvenil

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