Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Injured, but with a Lot of Optimism  

It is always nice to talk with Holguin's star decathlete Leonel Suárez Fajardo. So hearing about his stay in this city, JIT magazine decided to meet him.   Double Olympic bronze medallist took the optimistic dialogue with eloquence and wisdom that enhance his admirable simplicity.   November 2013 and January 2014 brought joy and motivations to you. Why?   “On November 16, 2013 my daughter was born and the in early days of 2014 the authorities in the province gave me a comfortable home, two highly rewarding things.”   I can assure you that even if the property has been delivered to me due to my outstanding sporting career, I committed myself to increased efforts as sportsman.   I will not disappoint all those who trusted and still trust me. That's the biggest commitment after this recognition, which helps a lot to give myself fully to training, despite being injured now.   How did you get the injury?    After jumping in London 2012 Olympics, I got a little pain in the right knee, which worsened in the 2013 World Championships.   Doctors diagnosed an insersionitis in the kneecap, which causes acute discomfort that prevents me from training hard.   What is the medical treatment?    Specialists at the Frank País orthopaedic hospital in Havana will determine whether I need stem cell treatment or arthroscopy surgery, which promotes the regeneration of damaged tissue.    But I'm ready for the decision made, because the discomfort is unbearable and for me the most important thing is to achieve full recovery as quickly as possible.   So you're resting?    None of that. I train to strengthen the upper body, as I cannot jump or run fast, hence I cannot ensure that I'm training properly, so I can't compete for now.   Not even this year?    Everything is depending on how the injury is assessed in terms of severity and course of treatment response. However I would like to be in good shape for the Central American and Caribbean Games of Veracruz, Mexico, in November.   I'm optimistic, but the future is uncertain for now. It's hard to give an answer.   Wishes?    Back on the podium in world events, which is the same as saying to stay in the top three in the world, I'll never give up on that. / Photo: Rodriguez.Otmaro with information from JIT / Jose Antonio Chapman

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