Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Poza Fria of Caletones Beach, Gibara

The Poza Fria of Caletones is one of the flooded-caves of Laguna Blanca-Caletones Caves System that most attract attention of vacationers. It's a natural pool located among summer houses, just a few meters from the road entering Caletones beach. Caletones is an isolated beach in the coastal town of Gibara with Beatiful landscapes which were devastated after the passage of Hurricane Ike through the territory. Most vacationers coming here are from then same province of Holguin and Gibara. The poza fria is characterized by a large dolina with easy access to two galleries, one facing east and the other one to the south. The one directing to the east is of difficult morphology due to the number of landslides, which makes exploration quite dangerous, as there is a strong current that leads to that direction. The dolina running to the south is parallel to a large crack in the many existing in the area, a landslide near a restriction stops exploration. The total distance in this cavity reaches 85 m. / Photo by Juan Pablo Carreras

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