Monday, August 8, 2016

The Diet therapy Improves your Health

The modality on Natural and Traditional medicine (MNT) remains unknown to many people and it is really basic for the asthmatic people and the health filed in general. The local Diotherapy (Diet therapy) is aimed at adjusting the food consumption to keep related healthy habits. It is recommended not to eat animal fat and it is warned its harmful effect to fry several times with it, as well as avoiding the excess of salt. It is also instructed how to prepare salads at the moment of eating so that they do not lose their vitamins and minerals while waiting for them. Moreover, it is also taught that the vegetables have to be cooked with steam given they keep their properties. That discipline warns about the harmful usage of candies and the long fasting which are kept by those ones who want to lose weight. It also explains the benefit about drinking a daily fruit and which are the plants with a therapeutic action to expectorate. They are the local onion, Caña Santa plant and eucalyptus, among other ones. It is surprising to some people the use of the new and little known terms: The Bio architecture is about the influence of the hygienic and decorative conditions of a house on the human psyche given it lighten the mind and fade away the breathlessness sensation that is caused by the overcrowding and the lack of aesthetics, taking into account the fact about avoiding ornamental plants and domestic animals, as well as eliminating the curtains and bookcases from the rooms, besides, it is important to know that it should be swept or shaking woolen cloth (wet ones) in those rooms where there are children and asthmatic people sleeping, and it is especially important to keep an air, clean and vector-free house. Regardless of the humbleness of any house, it may achieve a pleasant and healthy environment for everyone through proper cleaning and taste. / With information from Radio Rebelde-Heydi González Cabrera

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