Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Renewed Community in the City of the Parks

The People's Council of Alcides Pino is showing a new aspect, as part of the constructive task undertaken in the city of Holguin. The real change occurred at the time the project to improved the municipality was promoted by the government.

The real beginning started at the very moment the people assimilated the project as a community issue.

The process began last September, based on a detailed assessment of the problems to solve: housing and roads in poor condition, lack of sewers and street lighting, unstable supply of drinking water, low voltage, among others.

People involved in the construction works received help from qualified staff and the whole community. Places like the mini-restaurant and the pizzeria El Fuerte, aimed to help people with low incomes and other social problems, were included in the project.

At the same time some housing problems were solved, the same people were repairing the schools, warehouses, parks, sports and recreational areas. Between July 2009 and early June this year, thousands of constructive actions were implemented.