Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is the climate change an invention of Socialim?

One of the greatest mischiefs, with a strong taste of psychosis, is the maniacal defense of the idea that global warming is pure communist ploy to affect the "prosperous capitalist industrials."

Only those without a minimum of sanity can try to demonize this Social System with something that needs an urgent action, as the most pressing current problem of the planet and which the survival of human rage depends upon.

To say that "this global warming alarmism responds only to a political agenda rather than science," "because global warming is caused by nature, and particularly by the influence of the sun in Earth's climate, to what which neither humans nor fossil fuels have any responsibility," is to make irresponsible statements, which could cause a fatal consequence for the spirit of seeking consensus on mitigating the adverse effects of man’s actions for nature.

Reviews like this were read in open forum by “El País” on the subject, as if they had been written by someone living inside a box, but not glass, because otherwise we would have seen what happens on Earth.

Contrary to scientific theory they have explained: "High concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere are favourable for plants, which develop particularly well in such conditions. And with plants animal life has been benefited as well. The planet is not running out, but greening in its departure from the Little Ice Age, thanks to the mild temperature and the small increase in atmospheric CO2."

At a time when it comes to winning a majority government will (not achieved at the last Summit in Copenhagen), to stop the accelerating climate change, joining such an approach can be highly dangerous, because it is not just a thought within the ideological war, but a topic to which they could grasp those die-hards who have not yet taken concrete steps, protected by the nationalist trend of "not affecting their economy."

Read this: "Unsuccessful scientists do not know how to get money to finance their research and were convinced by the socialists, who convince the world to reduce the use of fossil fuels, will cause enormous harm to the capitalists, whose industries and companies could hardly exist without the use of fossil fuels – and many individuals and institutions, sincerely environmentalist, who will give money to the unsuccessful scientists, to investigate how to stop global warming."

Those who qualify that "we now live in one of the best times that humans have had on planet Earth” tell lies so evident as if someone was saying that the collapse of the rig in the Gulf of Mexico, considered the worst disaster environment in the U.S., will not cause negative effects on the ecosystems of the region.

Heavy storms, severe droughts, earthquakes, the awakening of dormant volcanoes – inactive for over 200 years –, the fact that 20 percent of birds are in danger of extinction, the soaring temperatures, the melting glaciers or the increased sea levels are the greatest lie to those who try to minimize the negativity of such a serious matter.

Not to link the actions of human beings to what happens on the planet is as ridiculous, as holding the view that the climate of the future is unpredictable. Saving the Earth is a duty of both socialists and capitalists.


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