Thursday, November 11, 2010

Renovation works at the Eddy Suñol theater of Holguin almost concluded

The Eddy Suñol Theatre of Holguin is one of the most emblematic places of this city. Since 2007, major renovation works were undertaken here, which are almost completed.

Dressing rooms, socio-administrative offices, housing and ceiling, are almost ready.
Construction brigades are working hard in the assembly of a new stage, scheduled for later this month as well as the Art Deco facility with capacity for a thousand people.

This cultural institution will provide modern technology costing more than 428 000 dollars. It also will have at the artist’s disposal new stage lights, bars, among other scenery elements.

The rebuilding will allow a greater presence in Holguin of theatre groups, comedians and dance companies throughout Cuba, in a city with proven cultural development.

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