Thursday, November 4, 2010

10th Anniversary of the Holguin Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra of the city of the parks (a reason for pride to the people from this Cuban province) is celebrating today, November 4th, the 10th anniversary of its foundation with a concert at the Art Center.

As part of the activities for the celebration they will perform the Symphony No. four of Johannes Brahms, a selection of "Pictures at an Exhibition" orchestrated by Mussorgsky-Ravel, and arias from famous operas by various authors.

It is expected that musicians who founded the orchestra will also be on stage along with young talents of the Conservatory "José María Ochoa" of this city.

As expressed by its director Orestes Saavedra, the orchestra has lived important moments since its foundation in 2000, that include the outdoor performing of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and the Overture 1812, by Russian composer Pior Igor Tchaikovsky, which marked a stage of advance in the group.

They also have had the support of renowned Cuban pianist Frank Fernandez, who has always provided a helping hand to help both, musically and with any logistical problem.

The company had its national debut three years later, at the concert by the 75th anniversary of the Amadeo Roldan Auditorium Theater, where they accompanied the maestro Frank Fernandez.

The Holguin´s Symphony Orchestra has been directed by leading musicians of national and international prestige, as the Cuban Leo Brouwer, Ivan del Prado and Maria Elena Mendiola, as well as the American Bernard Rubisntein and Mexican Guillermo Villareal.

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