Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me, the Cuban woman

March 8 in Cuba is a day for celebration to women, who have won an important role in society.
With the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1st, 1959, the late Vilma Espin heroin started a fight even longer than the previous ones: the struggle for women's equality, and thanks to her efforts, the Cuban women could be at the seat of dignity, recognition and honor she holds today.

 In her olive green uniform or white coat, in his suit of teacher, intellectual, farmer or worker, she has actively participated in all the economic, political and cultural transformations carried out in the country.

 She has been present throughout the revolutionary process, from Marian Grajales to Celia Sanchez and Vilma Espin and has worked on all tasks of the revolution. At present, the Cuban woman has assumed with responsibility the tasks and challenges from the improvement of Cuban socialism, and updating the current economic model.

They constitute more than the 70 percent of health and education; the 51 percent of researches; the 56 percent of judges; and in the Parliament they reach the 43.32 percent.

This anniversary will be marked by round tables, workshops, movies showing and expositions. Meanwhile, female students, workers, leaders, retiree and house keepers will be honoured in schools, work places and neighbourhoods of the Caribbean island.

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