Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coming summer in Holguin, many options to enjoy

The coming months July and August, are the hottest in Cuba. This period coincides with the students and workers vacations, who look for recreational options for their enjoyment.
Some prefer to stay home and enjoy a good television program or film, as the sun is burning is this caribbean island; others, the bravest get ready to go camping and enjoy nature, a healthy way of recreation.

But these are not the only options, beaches and pools are ready to welcome swimmers, as well as leisure trips and tours to different destinations.

The province of Holguin is loaded with many activities for the enjoyment of everybody, including inhabitants of the most remote areas, with the presence of popular dance, theater groups and cultural projects for children.

This summer, recreational activities will take place in the 14 municipalities having squares and parks as main scenarios, with the performance of amateur artists, members of the Saiz Brothers Assocciation (AHS) and cultural institutions throughout the country.

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