Wednesday, June 22, 2011

International workshop on Archeobiology in Holguin

From June 20 to 22, the city of the parks is the venue for the Second International Workshop on Archeobiology that this time focuses on research, preservation, conservation and analysis of these resources.

The event, sponsored by the Archeology Department of the Provincial Research Center and the universities of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, Mississippi and Pennsylvania, in the United States, gathers here about 30 Cuban and U.S. specialists, including Ph.D. Russell Graham, Jim Knight and Lee Newson, who affirmed that Cuba plays an important role within the Caribbean system of islands for the development of biological archaeology.

Participants have also debated on global assessment of the Caribbean regarding archaeobotany and archaeozoology, the importance of organic preservation in archaeological contexts, and the recovery and sampling of biological remains, which offer valuable data to get to know life as it was in ancient times.

Specialist Roberto Valcárcel, director of the archaeological project Chorro de Maita (a cemetery of Cuban aboriginals), in the municipality of Banes, said that the meeting is an opportunity to deepen knowledge, evaluate achievements in this field and strengthen scientific collaboration, among other benefits for the specialty in Cuba.

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