Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memories of my childhood

A bellflower lying on the street made me to remember my childhood. I lived in an old house with zinc roof, surrounded by shrubs of bellflowers, a wild flower that grows in the fields of Cuba and serves as food to the bees for making honey.

I spend my childhood in a very peaceful place of the countryside. It was the decade of the 70's and there was not electricity service in some rural regions of Cuba at that period, so listening to the radio was the hobby for people living there.

It was a peaceful and healthy life, breathing fresh air. Rainfalls were something very common and fields and crops remained green, storms were not so severe, rivers and water reservours remained filled for long periods and the hobby of the locals was to go fishing at those places. The heat was not so intense and the idea of ​​climate change and its catastrophic consequences never came to my mind.

Today I wonder how this could happen and how far we have been responsible. The truth is that all humanity is suffering the consequences. Big natural desatres, high temperatures, strong hurricanes, earthquakes, severe storms, severe droughts, global crisis and famine.

There is a willingness to find solutions ... but we have time to solve this problem?

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