Friday, August 5, 2011

We must help to preserve enviroment

Holguin has been developing a comprehensive rehabilitation project of the areas devoted to opencast mining, intended to ensure the protection of environment.

The project intends to repair the environmental damage caused by opencast mining operations by cultivating plants in the affected areas. It includes drainage, storage of organic matter and pine and casuarina planting.

Following the process of cultivation of the land birds appear, which help to disperse seeds creating a natural ecological process that contributes to the conservation of enviroment.

In this regard, the Pedro Sotto Alba Nickel Company in Moa has been working in the enlistment of 23 hectares of forest for their delivery to the national forests fund.

According to specialists of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment here, the application of green manures and investments in irrigation systems are some of the initiatives implemented to mitigate major impacts to the environment.

Comprehensive rehabilitation of mineral deposits is an international practice, but not all countries have serious policies regarding the protection of environment.

In Cuba, mining works are regulated by Law 76 that ensures fair and equitable correspondence between the annual nickel production and the necessary reforestation of areas damaged by mining operations.

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