Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gibara's speleologists find flooded cavern

A unique freshwater cave filled with water 10 meters deep with several galleries, was discovered Tuesday by local speleologists in La Gegira, in the municipality of Gibara.

Researchers said the cave represents an important find because of the verticality of the entrance and the presence of multiple corridors with different shapes and angles.

The head of the researcher team, Arturo Rojas, said that during the exploration they found a cave gallery estimated at some 100 meters long by 70 meters wide, with numerous secondary formations such as stalactites and thick rock columns, which lead them to new galleries, some horizontal and others with steep inclinations.

"These are the largest galleries we have found in flooded caverns”, said the specialist. He also noted the existence here of blind fish and shrimps.

The president of the Speleological Committee in Holguin, Juan Jose Guarch, said that this finding provides new opportunities to explore areas far from the coast, as they can find deeper caverns with greater underground conduits like the Tanque Azul cave, also in Gibara. / AIN

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