Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some of the pictures that made history in 2011

A girl isolated to pass the tests of radiation detection looks her dog through a window in Nihonmatsu, Japan, on March 14. (Reuters / Yuriko Nakao)

Puyehue Volcano erupts in Chile, causing cancellations of air traffic in South America, New Zealand, Australia and forcing more than 3,000 people to seek refuge.

The city of Joplin, Missouri, before and after the devastating tornado on May 22.

This sightseeing boat, Hama Yuri, was pulled 1300 feet from the coast and somehow balanced itself on a two story house during the tsunami in Japan.

Tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, dust storms, pepper sprays, the death of Amy Winehouse, hunger in Kenya, the Libyan invasion that ended with the lynching of the head of state ... A spectacular apocalyptic world featured in the 2011 pictures, a year that has not yet finished... fortunatly it ends soon. Let's hope that 2012 opens the way to better times. / With information of Cubadebate

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