Friday, January 20, 2012

The disaster of Costa Concordia

There are several speculations from the tragedy of this vessel. Most people are inclined to belive that it was neglect in the operation of this ship carrying more than 4,000 passengers, which ran aground on the coast of Italy.

All indicate that the captain, who has been arrested and who the same company itself considers responsible for the tragedy, had a negligent behavior in accident management.

Passengers have said that they felt a massive jolt when the ship hit the rocks, but they were simply told that there had been a “black out “ and that the situation would return to normal as soon as possible.

Although there are doubts about the accuracy of the charts that guided the ship, it shows that the Costa Concordia continued to sail whilst taking on water from the gash in the hull, but it then turned and drifted towards the shore coming to its final resting place in shallow water.

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