Monday, January 30, 2012

Raul Castro: Cuba will never renounce having a single Party

While closing the First National Conference of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) held this weekend at Havana's Convention Center, the Cuban president Raul Castro said that Cuba will never renounce having a single Party, since doing so will lead to the defeat of the Revolution and would sacrifice the unity of the people.

Raul criticized those who built their hopes up thinking that this Conference would mark the beginning of the political and social dismantling of the Revolution and wanted the restoration of the multiparty model.

He reiterated that it’s necessary to promote, more and more, greater democracy in Cuban society, starting by setting an example from within Party ranks, which presupposes, he added, the encouragement of an atmosphere of maximum confidence an sincere exchange of opinions, both in the heart of the organization and in its bonds with workers and the population, including the mass media.

The only thing that could lead to the defeat of the Revolution and socialism in Cuba would be our inability to overcome mistakes committed for over 50 years, since January 1st, 1959, new mistakes and future mistakes, he pointed out.

The Cuban president called to strengthen unity around the Party and the Revolution and also the permanent bond that exists with the masses, and to preserve the Cuban nation and economic and social achievements, on the basis of the fact that the homeland, the Revolution and socialism are indissolubly combined.

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