Monday, February 20, 2012

Scientists warn on danger of high concentration of space debris

US scientists recently warned in that country on the consequences that space debris may cause to the smooth operation of the satellites or the International Space Station, and called to take seriously this fact.

According to the NYT, some scientists and researchers are concerned because of the inertia shown by the more developed countries and are convinced that the problem of "sky trash" will soon have serious consequences.

It would cause a series of collisions between "space debris", which will eventually make unusable Earth orbit, due to the amount of waste.

In short, what we really need is a truly "celestial brush." A system to reduce the presence of debris orbiting the earth. There are already many labs working to find a solution, although there is no specific project in process of realization.

It is such the amount of waste in the space that every year something falls on our planet. We have an example on the NASA satellite that rushed into the earth surface last year, while this year it was a Russian spacecraft defective.

(With information from Reuters)

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