Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chavez greets Venezuelans on social network, after surgery in Cuba

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is currently recovering in Cuba after a surgical operation that withdrew a lesion from his pelvic region.

“Good evening my dear compatriots! Here I go, taking flight like a condor, I send you all my supreme love! We will live and we will overcome!, wrote Venezuela´s Hugo Chavez on his tweeter account @chavezcandaga.

And six minutes later he said that he was watching the Contragolpe TV Show on Venezuelan television: “I am watching you my dear Vanessa and Gabriela! What a good show!, Chavez said as he referred to the journalists participating in the show.

Vice-president Elias Jaua said on Wednesday that he had talked on the phone with Chavez, who sent greetings with a firm, energetic and victorious voice for his compatriots in Venezuela.

“Let all the people and all comrades know that we had this conversation and that I am in full recovery process,” he told Jaua.

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