Friday, March 23, 2012

Religions are Part of this People and Culture

Archimandrita Atenágoras (Orthodox Church from the Patriarchate of Constantinople)

I think that the visit of the pope Benedict XVI to Cuba is very important. The Catholics people are feeling the happiness we also felt when the patriarch visited Cuba and they are also being targeted now by the calumnies and disinformation broadcast overseas like equally happened to us in the past.

I do think that it is an important event for Cuba and for all of us given that he is a very important religious leader in the world and he realizes the way we really are and that constitutes the reason he is coming.

Aristides La Madrid (Vice-president of the Cuban Abakuá association)

It is possible to talk today on the good links between the churches and the local society in general.

Reverend Marcial Miguel Hernández (President of the Council of Churches of Cuba)

It will be a pleasure to contribute in anything that could be necessary.

Anything in which we could help, it would be a pleasure given the fact that here does not exist the fratricide among religious groups. Benedict 16th will watch the harmony that exists here.

David Prinstein (Vice President of the Hebrew community of Cuba)

There are years of experience on the work carried out by local religious organizations, thus enabling to receive with great expectations a pope in Cuba once again.

Enrique Alemán (President of the espirita Quisicuaba Society)

Lots of respect for Benedict 16th, his visit constitutes a moment for the mutual religious benefit and exchange. Therefore, it is a space to recognize that all type of faith is valuable if it is taken into account the community dimension of Jesus.

Gabriel Coderch (General Coordinator of the Reflection and Solidarity Group Oscar Arnulfo Romero)
I am a catholic representative. Therefore, the pope has a clear importance for me given my type of faith. His visit reaffirmed the will of the Cuban government in relation to guarantee the religious freedom as well as giving the space that all the Christian organizations have to develop our work.

María Amelia Yi (Church of Friends)

For us, as the ecumenical people, this is an opportunity of exchange, a party and a celebration.

Antonio Castañéda (President of the Yoruba Cultural Association)

It is an important event as it constitutes the defense of our nation.

The common enemy has tried to destabilize us even through money. However, it cannot be forgotten the fact that inside the religious people´s heart the main component is love.

I do think that it is really favorable the visit to Cuba of Benedict 16th. There were many positions previously manipulated and aimed at making to clash the Catholic Church with Cuba. Therefore, the arrival of the pope demonstrates once again the he is also fighting for mankind. I see his visit as an act of respect to our sovereignty.

Imán Yahya Pedro Lazo (President of the Islamic league of Cuba)

The first thing we have to do is precisely to be able to love our fellow man. Besides, Allah is for us what the word god means for others in English language. In short, god, the divine power, has established norms and commands so that the human being behaves according to them.

Being together, it is necessary to carry out actions in favor of the peace and progress of the peoples.

In Cuba all the religions are together and there is respect towards them all. Therefore, the visit from Benedict 16th is an opportunity to work for the common benefit of everyone as it is a magnificent and good chance for all the Cuban people.

(By Ana Teresa Badía)

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