Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pope's vist to Cuba: The rain also blessed our island

“I thank God for allowing me to visit this beautiful Isle which left so deep a mark on the heart of my beloved predecessor, Blessed John Paul II, when he came to these lands as a herald of truth and hope.” Said His Holiness Benedicto XVI in his recent visit to this caribbean island.

Pope's visit to Cuba was a religious and social event that marked the lives of Cubans. Both in the Holy Mass in the eastern city of Santiago, as in the capital, the Pope found a crowd that welcomed him with respect and affection.

And just like in old legends, rain conspired again to bring good omens to Benedict XVI’s visit to Cuba, during the Mass in Santiago, there were believers and nonbelievers holding hands as a sign of peace under an unexpected rain that started to fall with the Lord's Prayer.

The same happened while the act of farewell to the Supreme Pontiff in Havana, where the people knowing that this was holy water, remained on both sides of the entrances to the Jose Marti International Airport of Havana, firm in their desire not to lose the opportunity to give a farewell to one who blessed this prodigal land, a land of people with determined convictions.

And Cubans, some without professing Catholic faith, we pray for a happy return of Benedict XVI to the Vatican.

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