Tuesday, January 7, 2014

End of the year celebrations

Cubans plan our time and money to have a good new year celebration , but each with our own way to spend this time. Typical dishes consisting of roast pork, turkey or fried chicken, congrí criollo (rice and beans), yuca con mojo, a variety of desserts and of course, the cold beer, are dinner menu. Approaching the 12 hours, most families wait the official time in front of the TV, to celebrate a year of revolutionary triumph. Then comes the hug, congratulations, good wishes and a very common ritual of throwing water out doors. It has to do with the belief of cleaning the bad period left behind and bring feelings of hope for the coming year. Cubans also dress in their best clothes, and there are even those who light candles and place their hopes in the horoscope predictions and zodiac, following recommendations according to the letter. And there are those who decide to change the tradition. Country people coming to town for roasting a pig on a “Pua” and thus enjoy a year-end in the "civilization". Whatever the way Cuban families choose to celebrate the end of the year, we always have fun and joy coming together even more, asking good things for everyone.

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