Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fher admires Cuba, its people and art

The singer of the Mexican band Maná, Fernando Olvera, expressed his admiration for Cuba and its people, because despite being a small country has an impressive art. Cuba is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world, whose greatness is shown not only by its music, dance, painting and poetry, but also in sports and medicine, said Fher in an interview with the Matanzas' radio broadcasting system, Radio 26. During the conversation, which took place at the Varadero beach, the lead singer of the popular rock band expressed his intention to present soon in Cuba, in a personal capacity. I would like to make it free for people. For me it is a dream to share with all these people who like Mana and do not have the possibility to go to another country to see a concert. Besides, we owe much to Cuban music, from trova to salsa, the artist said. The interpreter of popular themes such as “Vivir sin aire” and “Te lloré un río” said: we still live in the illusion of music, we are not and we were not even for money. ( ... ) We are because we love music and we like to share it with people . " Fher, who tries to go unnoticed in the crowd resting on the peninsula of Varadero, expressed his desire to return to Cuba because it is an amazing country, where despite the economic problems people always have a smile on their face. In message dedicated to the Cuban people, the Mexican artist said he is very pleased that Cubans like the band, in a country that is a seed-bed of artists and musicians as well. He also expressed satisfaction in knowing that on the largest island of the Antilles, the public is familiar with the work of the group as well. "They have sought and found Mana. That touches my heart. Cuba touches my heart ," he said. With information from

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