Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friends of Cuba to Attend International Meeting on The Five

Some 240 friends from 37 countries have confirmed their attendance to the 7th International Colloquium to free the Cuban Five, antiterrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in the United States since 1998.

This figure should increase considerable over the next few months, before the beginning of the event in this eastern Cuban city in November.

The Colloquium is one of the actions carried out in favor of the release of the Five, held every year in Holguin, where members of the Solidarity-with-Cuba Committees meet in support of the cause of the Caribbean nation and of the Five Heroes.

The confirmation was revealed as part of the world campaign "A 5 for The Cuban Five," an action carried out on the fifth day of each month, an idea that emerged during the 6th International Colloquium and has extended worldwide.

On these days, it was presented in the City of the Parks the Italian portal Quintavenida, which is dedicated to Cuba and its culture, and particularly to spread the truth about the unfair case of Ramon Labañino, Rene Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez, internationally known as the Cuban Five.

Stefano Guastella, one of the creators of the Web site, said that the idea of creating the portal emerged in March, 1999, when he and another four Italian friends decided to spread the reality of the Cuban people and its culture, against the ongoing media campaign against the Caribbean island.

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