Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is the Agrarian Reform Law?

After 52 years of the promulgation of first Agrarian Reform Law, Cuban peasants are celebrating this Tuesday the Farmers' Day.

One of the first measures of the revolutionary process started in January 1959 was the approval of that law, which broke up large landholding with the nationalization of more than 402 hectares and redistributed them to those who worked them.

The Agrarian Reform Law, was just and necessary, in response to a law announced by Fidel Castro in the history will absolve me, when he promised to distribute the land to peasants and workers who worked it under contract, earned income or sharecropping and also to put an end to end evictions, abuses and injustices existing in the Cuban countryside.

The Agrarian Reform Law promulgated on May 17 1959, guaranteed not only more than 200 000 farmers own their land, but also led them medical care, schools and teachers since the early years of the triumph of the Revolution.

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