Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holguin Artists Exhibited in Montreal

Holguin artists Jose Antonio Salomon and Jairo Salomon Jr, attended the Montreal's Culture Week, in Canada. This year's event, which took place from April 9 to 23, was devoted to Cuba.

The artists share the Campbell gallery with Canadian artists Armand Vaillacourt and Dwight Baird in a group exhibition, dedicated to the Carribbean island.

The exhibition consisted in a kind of wooden and glass furniture containing insects made ​​of buffalo horn and precious metals.

The forniture that holds the little carved insects, has wooden hands of three colors that represents man in the generic sense. "Time is the foundation of our work. This exhibition is an environmental appeal to preserve our species. Scientists are searching for other land in the universe that humans can inhabit and we are neglecting our own planet, "said Jairo during a press conference after their arrival to Holguin.

He further explained that part of their work was completed in Montreal workshops. "It was an interesting experience, because we had the oportunity to share with artists from that nation”.

The cultural event included a special night dedicated to the Cuban Five, where Holguin artists put their work up for auction. The collection would go to the fight for the liberation of the Cuban heroes unjustly imprisoned in the United States for trying to prevent terrorist actions against the island.

José Antonio and Jairo are goldsmiths and sculptors, members of the ACCA (Association of Cuban Artists and Artisans). They have exhibited in Cuba and abroad, in countries like the Dominican Republic, Spain, the United States and Canada./ Aracelis Aviles

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