Sunday, April 17, 2011

6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party Started Saturday in Cuba

Cuban President Raul Castro opened the sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist party this Saturday with the presentation of the Central Report for the meeting.

In the report, Raul Castro stressed the need of having a reserve of well-prepared cadres as replacements to take on major duties.

The Cuban president underlined that this systematic rejuvenation should include all posts from the grassroots level up to the country's top posts, without excluding the PCC first secretary, who will be designated during this congress, and the president of the councils of State and Ministers.

At the same time, he suggested limiting the mandates of public office to a maximum of two consecutive five-year terms, a recommendation he considered possible and necessary under the current circumstances.

He said that conditions today are different from those of the early decades of the Revolution, when the revolutionary process had not yet been solidified and was under constant threat and aggression.

Raul Castro added that the reinforcement of the country's institutions would be a guarantor for a policy of renewal that would never jeopardize the continuation of socialism in Cuba.


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