Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chronicles of a Playa Girón Veteran

Once again, the gun pointed right to his head, as if the invisible enemy would not give up the pursuit of killing him. Just like in the Saturday night movie, he awakens sweaty, relieved to escape from the nightmare.

Thomas Vidal works in the National Software Department (DESOFT) in Holguin. Those who look at him behind a desk full of documents, well supplied with the necessary technical work, will never imagine him carrying the FAL rifle on his shoulders, while leaving shreds of clothing and skin in the rugged terrain of Playa Larga, to defend our sovereignty.

After the Bay of Pigs victory against the imperialist mercenaries, the soldier of the Special Column 1 of Combat and Infantry, did not return home as one of those intangible heroes found in books of short stories: but he brought a kiss of relief to Elsa, the girl of his dreams, and endless stories and experiences under his field uniform.

Three years earlier, in the area of ​​La Palma, Tomas became a soldier of the Rebel Army, although his beard did not grow as the older ones, because the island was about to give birth to the Revolution.

Las Villas and Angola were lands of struggle and heroic deeds. In las villas he saw the death of one of his companions, while capturing a counterrevolutionary group. His work on African soil earned him the Diploma of Honour of the Angolan Republic.

Years later, Holguin received him when he decided to settle back into his native land, like a victorious son returning from very difficult battles. The knocker of La Periquera was the recognition and his response:
"If used, it would be to knock on doors of the city, to repeat what I did at that time: to fight for the Cuban revolution."

Author: Liudmila Peña Herrera

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