Friday, April 29, 2011

Cuban Painter Cosme Proenza Opens Exhibition in Holguin

Renowned Cuban painter Cosme Proenza opened a mega-exhibition on Wednesday in Holguin, on occasion of his 40 years of continuous work. Under the title Parallels: history and tradition of western art, the exhibition includes more than one hundred pieces that review the various creative periods of the artist. The curator of the exhibition was Angel San Juan.

Parallels: history and tradition of western art is a didactic exhibition that presents the artist’s vision of Western culture throughout five centuries of inherited painting in our continent.

Cosme Proenza was born in the Cuban province of Holguin in 1948. He graduated as Master on Fine Arts at the Fine Arts Institute of Kiev, Ukraine, and has been granted much national and international recognition.

His works are being exhibited in major galleries and private collections in Australia, Italy, Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, Greece, Mexico, Russia, France and Venezuela.

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