Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hotel Ordoño in Gibara Undergoing Restoration

The historical, architectural and natural values of the city of Gibara, 32 km to the north of Holguin, make it an attractive site for Cuban and foreign visitors alike. Therefore, the tourism industry is currently pursuing efforts to expand the city’s accommodation facilities.

Among these efforts are the renovation of the Hotel Ordoño, one of the city’s emblematic buildings and a National Monument since 2004.

The construction project includes 27 rooms on three floors; the second floor is built following the Italian mezzanine system.

The renovation project consists of three stages. The first will include demolition, structural reinforcement and restoration of some damaged columns.

Although the major architectural and heritage values of the building will remain, the project foresees changes and the restoration of some elements such as early twentieth century paintings by León Hernández Cáceres, an artist from the Canary Islands based in Gibara

The Hotel Ordoño belongs to the Cubanacán Hotel Chain. The real estate agency of the Ministry of Tourism in the province of Holguin is in charge of its restoration.

The complete refurbishment of the hotel will be a major step that will help Gibara to offer its tourist products and to reaffirm Holguin as one of Cuba’s main tourist destinations.

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Arthur Ordono said...

Amarilis, the Hotel Ordoño belongs to the Ordoño Family. Felipe Ordoño imigrated to Cuba in the early 1900´s from Spain. Through hard work, honesty and integrity he acquired vast wealth. Felipe Ordoño was forced to leave Gibara, Cuba in the early 1960´s under very difficult circumstances. A man of God, whom performed countless acts of charity and donated the ocean front ¨Parque de las Madres¨

Consequences should be paid by those trespassing on what so many years of blood, sweat and tears built.

Felipe Ordoño may rest in peace, but his grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren are alive and well.

Arthur Ordoño
Paraiso, Costa Rica